About Shaghaf  Group   

Established in 2016 by group of visual artists, Shaghaf Group is a contemporary art organization based in Dubai. The group has participated in international printmaking exhibitions for last years. Our vision is to bring this internationally recognized format to a Dubai audience and to create an annual event that brings art professionals together from around the globe. Our annual exhibitions providing a life printing to share the hand pulled techniques to the audience. Upon reception of the entries. The format and timeframe of the Contemporary Mini-print of Shaghaf hence aims to provide a platform for artists, curators, collectors and art lovers to gather and exchange ideas, in turn generating knowledge and insight on the disciplinary legacy of printmaking.



Ahlam AL Arif - Visual Artist          Alya AL Shehhi - Graphic designer 

Fatima AL Marri - Visual Artist        Joshua Watts - Visual Artist&Educator

Shyma Essa -Illustrator              

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